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Facebook, Google, and the pandemic have upended the way that public events are organized and communicated.   Calendars on too many community, media, and business websites have disappeared or gotten old.  We offer a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution to rejuvenate  and turbo-charge your calendar.  Try it risk-free!

We want to help you bring life back into your community calendar with control, ease, and creative freedom.  At a time when community engagement is so crucial, can we really afford to let Facebook and Google define the way forward alone? Please keep reading or Activate your calendar now.

Calendar Overview

Who Should Care?

Anyone responsible for public or community events in Seattle or cities nearby. If your website calendar needs help, then it's you!

Who else?

Anyone who tracks industry conferences, conventions, or networking events for competitive, productivity, or content purposes.

Media Too!

Most national media companies have dropped local community calendars. In Seattle, this includes Seattle Times, KOMO, KIRO, and others. We offer an alternative.

Your calendar can be published on your website.

Calendar Access

Give your people the ability to post and edit events on your calendar in real-time with an intuitive, fast, and centralized interface. No need to log into your website to add or change events. Better for security.

Control Events

Edit or update events on your calendar as often as necessary. You can include photos, videos, links and more in your event posts.

SEO & Social Friendly

Every event gets its own separate, search engine optimized URL. This makes sharing the link on social media or in emails so much easier for everyone.

It can be published on any site.

Event Status

With covid, event status can change from scheduled to postponed to cancelled and back. The system we use handles those changes well.

Event Health Rules

The system we use makes it fast and pain-free to update any mask or vaccine requirements for any event.

Ad-Free Zone

No advertising appears on your calendar or on our website. We are focused on quality content, relationships, and good of the community.

We will publish it too.

Curated Option

We offer various levels of curation. We can take the entire task of filling your calendar off your plate. Includes 1-Click Add Event, the world's quickest event submission form!

Private or Public

You can choose to make your calendar entirely public or keep it entirely private on your website for internal audiences.

Collective Boost

Public community events and calendars get an extra boost by being published on this site.

Collectively we can fix the trouble.


Your calendar can be viewed and managed from any modern mobile or device with keyboard. No app needed.

Looks Good

Your calendar can be customized to match the look and feel of your website. We will help you with CSS.

Nonprofit Pricing

If your organization needs a calendar for a reduced price or free, then let's talk.

Click Activate for your own community calendar shiny and New.


There are limitations to any off the shelf or third-party software. We will be happy to discuss them with you.

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You can have a new, fully functional calendar for your company, organization, or community today.
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Ad-free Zone.  Driven by relationships not advertising.



We create a new calendar dedicated to your organization or community.



You embed the new calendar on a page of your website.  Your partners, members, or vendors can embed it on their websites too.  Anyone you approve.



Either you or we begin to fill your calendar with suitable events.  We help you set up the most effective way to get the right events on your calendar simply and efficiently.

We will be together Every Step Of The Way

Getting community events back on track is our driving motivation.  We provide personal, immediate support for your team and calendar.

Blank Slate Calendar

We provide you with a dedicated, blank, fully functional calendar. You, your team, and partners post all the events.
$ 100 per month (billed annually 1st year)
  • Your own dedicated calendar
  • 1 user account to share
  • Up to 20 events per month
  • EZ Recurring Events
  • Support to install API code
  • Support with CSS styling
  • Collective Boost for Events
  • Embed on 1 Partner Site
  • Setup: $125/hour (included)

Network Enhanced Calendar

We provide you with a fully functional calendar and help you to fill it with events that your community cares about.
$ 200 per month (billed annually 1st year)
  • Your own dedicated calendar
  • 1 user account to share
  • Up to 50 events per month
  • Embed on 5 Partner Sites
  • EZ Recurring Events
  • Support to install API code
  • Training materials and assist
  • Support with CSS styling
  • Collective Boost for Events
  • Mix & Match calendars
  • Submit events from your site
  • Setup: $125/hour

Fully Curated Calendar

We provide you with a calendar and fill it up by researching, monitoring, and posting the events you want your calendar to cover.
$ 45
per event
  • *Base price
  • Your own dedicated calendar
  • 1-Click Add Event
  • Minimum 25 events per month
  • Support to install API code
  • Support with CSS Styling
  • Mix & Match calendars
  • Highly Qualified Copywriters
  • Setup: $225/hour

In the words of Desmond Tutu

We Belong Together

“If we could but recognize our common humanity, that we do belong together, that our destinies are bound up in one another’s, that we can be free only together, that we can be human only together, then a glorious world would come into being where all of us lived harmoniously together as members of one family, the human family.”

Terms & Conditions

1. This website provides both free and premium services.

2. The publisher reserves the right to delete any user account or user content for any reason at any time at his or her sole discretion, and to control all calendar content the same. 

3. All premium (paid) services on this website include a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.


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Write for iLoveSeattle

Earn extra money from home on your own schedule!  

Our writers recognize a worthwhile community event, auction, concert, or networking opportunity when they see one. They enter these events into the calendar expeditiously with succinct descriptions, great grammar, relentless attention to detail, compelling copy, correct categorization, and few errors.  


We use UpWork to pay our writers.  Perks include same day payment, invitations to local events and activities, frequent tokens of appreciation, access to community leaders, enjoyable writing and research, and glowing LinkedIn recommendations we will write for you. 

We make editorial positions available to our writers after they demonstrate strong commitment and acumen for making our community calendar the best in Seattle. 

Interested?  Please contact us.  

Why does Seattle need this directory?


Covid has ruined the travel plans of so many people.  Maybe you are one of them.  Family trips, honeymoons, first time overseas trips postponed and cancelled.  We are exploring this directory as a means to recreate a Round-the-World cruise for you within Seattle.


Believe it or not, in 2022, New York City passed a law granting non-US citizens the right to vote in certain local and municipal elections.  Will Seattle follow NYC?  Time will tell.  If that comes to be, then this directory should be indispensable.  Let us know what you think.

Activate New Public Directory

Is Seattle missing a comprehensive directory for a cause or community that your business cares about?  We know a thing or two about directories.  Let’s talk!  Contact us below.