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*Immigrant Population is an estimated sum of the number of naturalized Americans from this country and citizens from this country living in the Seattle Metro Area under any sort of immigration visa.  It does not count the American offspring or descendants of immigrants from this country, which can go back many generations and account for large numbers of people.  1,000 is the default number when we don’t have a better count.


Mandarin Chinese is Taiwan’s official language. Taiwan seeks to make English the official second language by 2030.


Unlike the Chinese mainland, Taiwanese culture and society were not subjected to the cruel Chinese Communist “Cultural Revolution”.  Taiwanese have immigrated to the Pacific NW in greater numbers since the 1980’s with many Taiwanese now being first or even second generation Americans.


You won’t need to leave Seattle to meet someone from Taiwan.  Most Taiwanese adults in this region hold at least a 4-year college degree.  Taiwan’s official representation in Seattle is not called a consulate general, as it would be by most other countries.  Instead, it is known as the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Seattle and it fulfills all the usual functions of a consulate general.

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Meeting Address
World Trade Center Seattle
2200 Alaskan Way (4th floor)
Seattle, WA 98121

Why does Seattle need this directory?


Covid has ruined the travel plans of so many people.  Maybe you are one of them.  Family trips, honeymoons, first time overseas trips postponed and cancelled.  Please explore this directory to create your own Round-the-World experience without traveling far from Seattle.  


Believe it or not, in 2022, New York City passed a law granting non-US citizens the right to vote in certain local and municipal elections.  Will Seattle follow NYC?  Time will tell.  If that comes to be, then this directory should be indispensable.  Let us know what you think.