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The Plan to Rebuild a Seattle Community Calendar

Why should you care?  Seattle took a reputational hit during covid.  If your job depends on attracting visitors, diners, employees, groups, events, investments, homebuyers, or customers to Seattle, then you care because you are impacted by people’s concerns and questions about the safety and quality of life here.  You want people to know that Seattle is alive and well.  

Calendars don’t lie:  A good calendar will be filled with events that reflect the mood, interests, and vitality of the community it serves.  It can make a gem like Seattle sparkle, but it cannot make a dead neighborhood appears lively.  In that sense, calendars are a true sort of economic and social barometer.  They are also entry points for people to discover and get involved in the communities around them.

Background:  Since the early days of the Internet, https://iloveseattle.org has published information on what’s happening in and around Seattle, including a community calendar.  In March 2020, the site was shut down because covid ended the events we care about most, those where people gather to make new professional, social, and civic connections.  The site has served as a trusted community resource for many during their time in Seattle.  It has helped tens of thousands of people new to Seattle to connect with local nonprofits, arts organizations, civic groups, networking groups, and professional associations.   

The Future:  Seattle is one of the most vaccinated cities in the Western world.  We are straddled between hope and conviction that events will return to high levels in the long-term.  When events return, we intend to provide them with a showcase to celebrate.

Our Audience:  Local community leaders, Seattle newcomers, Seattle residents, Visitors, Media professionals covering Seattle events, Google algorithm.  

HI vs. MI vs. AI:  Google and Facebook have transformed the landscape for online community calendars.  Both are effective platforms to promote events.  Google is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Facebook is powered by MI (Mob Intelligence).   Our calendar is powered by HI (Human Intelligence) – every event is reviewed by an experienced editor before publication.    

Prototype Calendar: This calendar is based on a prototype developed for the Seattle Historic Waterfront Association website at https://seattlewaterfront.org/whats-happening

The Money:  Who will pay for this calendar to shine a spotlight on the events that make people love Seattle?  It will be the companies and organizations that see the value in an independent community calendar and want to see their logos appear above.

Proceeds from the sale of the above spots will be used to fill the calendar with interesting, worthwhile events happening in and around Seattle every day of the year.  

Fresh Produce & Calendars:  There should be a convention that brings together calendar editors and grocers who sell fresh produce.  That’s because both of their products are highly perishable.  We are on a constant mission to replenish our product with new and fresh.  

There is a reason that most media companies with large Seattle audiences have stopped publishing calendars.  It takes special expertise, attention to detail, local knowledge, and the ROI is lousy without scale.  

If you find our cause worthy of support by placing your logo in one of the spots above, then please know that we will almost surely return to you with another proposal and bigger vision after your first year.

Calendar Content Strategy:  We invite input on our strategy from companies and organizations who feature their logo on one of the open positions above.  Secure your spot now.

Who decides what events are published?  Financial supporters can influence the calendar’s editorial direction, emphasis, and taxonomy.  The calendar publisher has the final say about which events are suitable for publication and who can submit events.  

Our Editors:  We use trusted, independent editors to find, post, and approve events on this calendar.  Many are career writers and we provide them with a side gig.  We use only experienced editors who know Seattle and have subject matter knowledge.  We generally pay our editors between $20 and $35 per hour depending on experience, productivity, and location.  For highly specialized or technical calendars, editors can command $125 per hour or more.  

Offshore Development Policy:  Most of our development is performed in-house in Seattle.  When we hire outside developers and engineers, we choose professionals in the United States.  Some of the software used to run this site has been developed overseas, but this is practically unavoidable. If this policy changes, then it will be disclosed here.  

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Calendar Status on November 10, 2021: BETA 

The calendars are fully functional.  Calendar software is still under evaluation.  Features and taxonomy are subject to change during the development phase.  We are not yet at 100 live and in-person Seattle events per day – that is the 2022 goal.